Dietary Evaluations

Using a traditional naturopathic diagnostic technique to cut through the confusion & find the foods that are keeping you from feeling your best.

If your gut is off, you’re going to feel off.

Digestive health is crucial to our overall wellbeing and Dr. Liz offers personalized dietary evaluations for each patient to get to the bottom of their unique combination of issues.

She uses a traditional naturopathic diagnostic technique to cut through the confusion and find the foods that are keeping you from feeling your best.

Her goal is twofold: to help you remove irritating foods AND to support you in adding foods back into your diet that weren’t the root cause of your issues.

Dr. Liz is sensitive to disordered eating patterns like bingeing, restricting, bulimia, body dysmorphia, and more as she struggled with several of these concerns for over a decade.

She is a proponent of HAES (health at every size) and does not focus on weight loss. She uses an intuitive eating approach to dealing with medical food issues.

If you already have naturopathic support or are looking for support around diet only she does offer standalone dietary evaluations.

Please contact her here for more details on setting up an appointment or evaluation.


How would I feel “off” if I have a gut issue?

Foods that irritate your gut lining can lead to leaky gut. This happens when partially digested particles from your food leak across your gut membrane because it’s swollen and inflamed. As a result these rogue particles enter your bloodstream and can be distributed throughout the body and land in any type of tissue, causing inflammation. Gut issues don’t always stay in the gut!

Health concerns from leaky gut:

  • Autoimmune issues diseases like Hashimoto’s, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis
  • Muscle aches/fibromyalgia, headaches, and migraines
  • Irritability and mood changes like anxiety or depression
  • Skin issues like eczema and chronic hives
  • Hormonal imbalances like PMS, heavy or painful periods, and endometriosis
  • Seasonal allergies, asthma, chronic sinus infections, ear infections, and post nasal drip
  • Heartburn, gas and bloating, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease
  • Mood issues like anxiety and depression

By removing irritants from your diet you’ll lower your inflammation levels, significantly improve your ability to digest and absorb nutrients from your food, and start to resolve long standing chronic health issues.

Is this the same as a food sensitivity test?
No. The method Dr. Liz uses is based on food intolerances. It’s distinctly different from food sensitivity testing. Dr. Liz ran food sensitivity tests for 6 years in her practice with mixed results for her patients. She has found that evaluating food intolerances is much more accurate, focused, and effective.

Benefits of a food intolerance evaluation over a food sensitivity test:

  • No repeat evaluations – food intolerance results do not change over time so you will not need to be reevaluated. Food sensitivity results do change based on what you’re eating and need to be repeated.
  • Getting to the root issue – food intolerances are the root of gut irritation issues. Addressing them often improves or even resolves food sensitivities as your immune system quiets down and your gut heals up. Clinically, Dr. Liz has seen many cases of difficult, chronic health concerns improve and resolve when food intolerances are addressed, even after food sensitivities were addressed for many years.
  • A focused treatment plan – people generally have 1-2 main or primary intolerances and 1 combination of 2 foods that they are intolerant to. Food sensitivity tests often report 10-20 foods to avoid which can be very overwhelming, frustrating, and you have no context for the root food you’re having issues with. Food intolerances are more focused, reliable, and easier to execute in your life.

What Patients Say:

“Dr. Liz has improved my quality of life beyond measure. I don’t want to get too hyperbolic or effusive, so I’ll just say that she’s amazing.

She immediately had ideas and an attack plan, which is something previous doctors couldn’t seem to do. She listened. She empathized in a productive manner. She helped my body heal itself.

I’ve been struggling to get my digestive issues under control for years, and Dr. Liz’s help has proven invaluable.

Cannot recommend her enough!”

– Christine M., Seattle, WA

  • Ready to feel better naturally? We’ll get to the root of your recent or chronic condition and get you back to living your life:

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  • Dr. Liz is by far the best doctor I’ve ever seen. She is a phenomenal acupuncturist, ND, and all around holistic health expert.

    I’ve seen my health transform under her care and it has changed the way I look at food as medicine and supplementation as key components of health.

    Also, highly recommended if you suspect you have food intolerances and are dealing with issues potentially related to that.”

    - Kelsey A., Seattle, WA

    “Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.”
    ~Albert Schweitzer

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