Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling

“A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.” - Henry David Thoreau

What is Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling?

Photo-Services-NutritionNutritional and lifestyle counseling focuses on making small changes to daily choices that represent the foundation of health. The majority of health concerns can be improved, and even prevented, with proper dietary and lifestyle choices. With advanced training in nutrition, Naturopathic doctors are qualified to help with all dietary concerns. They can design therapeutic diets, aid in detoxification and weight loss, help identify food or environmental allergies, and determine appropriate supplementation for nutritional benefit.

An important component to Naturopathic Medicine is leading a healthy lifestyle, and physicians often collaborate with patients in improving their habits. Examples include helping patients make and meet exercise goals, providing education about healthy sleep and hydration, and exploring meaningful and beneficial activities and hobbies.

Naturopathic doctors are also trained in counseling, a crucial component to effectively designing, implementing and maintaining new diet and lifestyle choices as well as sustaining a healthy mental and emotional perspective. Physical health is directly connected to our emotional and mental wellbeing, and chronic health problems, much like stress, relationship issues, and life transitions can often affect our mood and mental outlook. Naturopaths believe in creating a trusting therapeutic relationship with their patients and enjoy playing the roles of confidant, counselor, and cheerleader to support them on their path to health.

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  • My experience with Dr. Carter has been wonderful. She brings the attributes of kindness and compassion along with her skills and wisdom. I think she is a natural healer as well as a highly trained naturopath. I highly recommend her.

    -Ruth M. Seattle, WA

    “Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.”
    ~Albert Schweitzer