Vitamin D Series Part 5: Vitamin D Benefits

In the past few weeks, I’ve covered lots of information about vitamin D, including appropriate levels, dosage, forms, and supplements. This week I’d like to talk about the benefits of vitamin D and the importance of keeping levels in a healthy range. In the Northwest,...

Vitamin D Series Part 4: Choosing a Supplement

If you’ve been to a health food store or natural pharmacy lately looking for a vitamin D supplement, the selection can be quite overwhelming. Tablets, capsules, liquids, multivitamins. Do multivitamins have enough D, or do I need another supplement? What about dosage?...

Vitamin D Series Part 1: Get Your Levels Checked!

January and February are traditionally rough months for the good people of Seattle. It’s back to work after the holiday season, the rain and gloom can be relentless, and even though the days are getting longer, they are still quite dark. This past December was one of...

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