Vitamin D Series Part 4: Choosing a Supplement

If you’ve been to a health food store or natural pharmacy lately looking for a vitamin D supplement, the selection can be quite overwhelming. Tablets, capsules, liquids, multivitamins. Do multivitamins have enough D, or do I need another supplement? What about dosage?...

Vitamin D Series Part 3: Which Form Should I Take?

Another layer to the vitamin D puzzle is understanding which form is best to take. In total, there are four different types of vitamin D. Yikes! No wonder it’s confusing! I’ll run through each one to clear up any befuddlement, then I’ll give you my opinion on which is...

Vitamin D Series Part 2: How Much Should I Take?

Sometimes when people come to see me they’ve already been supplementing with vitamin D. First, I like to check their levels, as I discussed in Part 1. Next, I tackle what their previous experience taking vitamin D was like. Vitamin D supplementation protocols are all...

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